Hello! My name is Kaoru, owner and manager of barbershop KOUNOTORI. This barbershop operates under the agefriendly business guidelines. That is, its services are available to all people irrespective of age, nationality or disability. Everyone is welcome.
With more than 10 years of experience, I have safely and effectively provided grooming services to people including seniors who are bedridden, with dementia or disabilities in a hospital, long term care facilities and nursing homes. Sometimes, due to their health decline or disability, my elderly clients cannot communicate their feelings. However, it is always a joy for me as a barber to see their expression of satisfaction. My wish is to continue providing grooming services that touches people’s hearts as well as uplift their spirits.


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One chair Barbershop
A customer is allowed to listen music or bring an audio CD if no other client is in the shop. Also, an accompanying person can use the shop’s rest spot to relax with tea or coffee. The objective is to provide comfort to everyone visiting KOUNOTORI.


Address Aoyamamacho 15-22 Shogunno,Akita City ※parking available (connected to the entrance with roof)
OPEN 9:00-18:00[advance reservation only /Flexible holiday ]
TEL 018-807-0184